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The Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation QBank Review is physical therapist/rehab specialist created and run. Research supports that quizzing yourself and spacing out consistent studying leads to better learning of the study material. Physical therapy is a relatively new field, just under a century old, and research is constantly expanding in its various subjects, it’s important to study via a resource that expands with the field. PTQbank was designed with the above in mind, combining online studying for you to study  whenever/wherever, to evolve just as quickly as the field of PT in order to allow you to best learn and serve your patients.

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“I needed something on the go to match my lifestyle; not the other way around. PT Qbank met my needs perfectly. I was able to study all of the systems in an efficient, easy to access manner. I cannot recommend this online resource enough. Check it out!”

“I had searched and searched for something, anything to allow me to study electronically, rather than carry around a heavy backpack full of books. PT Qbank was easy to use, didn’t give me time limits, and  gave me real time feedback instead of having to take an entire test (only to spend the whole day reviewing it). It met my needs and reduced my risk of back injury ;). Thanks PT QBank!”

“PT Qbank provided the information I needed to develop my knowledge further for the major systems. Each explanation was backed by supportive links to studies and sites where I could further read information on each subject. My study books wouldn’t allow me to do that. Best of all, I can carry it around in my back pocket.”

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We add new and updated physical therapy  questions on a regular basis to keep you on your toes!

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Incredible Features to Help You Learn

The Physical Therapy QBank comes with tons of useful features to make your studying as efficient and easy as possible . Instant feedback is given for the right answer, allowing you to quickly move from question to question. Input the incorrect answer? No worries!  Explanations are linked to each answer with links to credible resources to provide the most comprehensive learning.

Personalized Experience


PT  QBank comes with an individualized dashboard for each user.  Quiz score and proficiency is tracked to allow you to focus on areas of weakness in order to pass the National Physical Therapy Exam. 

Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback

Our unique software will allow you to view answers real-time, not wait until you finish the exam.  As you proceed through each quiz you can see how you are progressing. Additionally, inserted into each explanation are current links to provide you with the latest material to further enhance your physical therapy knowledge.

This is just some of what we offer! Check out more below! 

  • Emailed Score Reports

  • Mobile-Friendly

  • Excellent Support

  • Newsletter

  • Reputable Resources

  • Study Tips

  • PT Blog

  • Customizable Dashboard

  • 200-Question Practice Exam

  • Master Exams

  • Text Message Support

  • Responsive to Feedback

  • Responsive to Question Challenge

  • Affordable

  • Auto-Save Quiz

  • Time Yourself

  • Proficiency Reports

  • Quiz Completion Tracker

  • Challenging Questions

  • Quiz Progress Tracker

  • Useful PT Links

  • Review Exams Anywhere

  • Optimized for Speed

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