Are You Ready to Play?

Are You Ready to Play? PT Blog   •   December, 2018 “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  – Aristotle Here are some statistics concerning ACL injuries in the United States1: Approximately 350,000 ACL reconstructions (ACLR) are performed each year. Patients who undergo ACLR: 79% develop knee osteoarthritis and 20% suffer re-injury within 2 years. ACL injuries are INCREASING for Division 1 collegiate athlete and youth athletes with some literature quoting a 60% higher prevalence in ACLR in athletes between the ages of 6  to 18 in the past 20 years. 25% of youth athletes who suffer an ACL injury will sustain [...]

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Rhythmic Stabilization

Treatment Toolbox: Rhythmic Stabilization   PT Blog   •   October, 2018 “Any structure must have a strong foundation. The cornerstones anchor the foundation.”   – John Wooden John Robert Wooden was the head basketball coach for the UCLA Bruins from 1948-1975. Known as the “Wizard of Westwood,” Coach Wooden won 10 NCAA Division I men’s basketball titles in a 12 year span, including 7 in a row (which is a record that still stands today), was awarded 7 ‘Coach of the Year’ awards, and was the first person to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as both a player and a [...]

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Are You Using NMES Appropriately in the ACL Patient?

NMES with Movement in the ACL patient: Better Than a Quad Set?  PT Blog   •   January, 2018 How often do you utilize NMES? For a while we have known the efficacy of NMES on quads strength in various patient populations, ranging from post-operative TKA to ACL patients.  NMES can be a useful tool to allow early recruitment of the quadriceps muscle, especially in those with inhibition. Typically, NMES is utilized while performing quad sets in order to improve contraction and activation. This study , however, looks at NMES superimposed on a sit-to-stand-to-sit (STSTS) movement in the ACL reconstruction patient population to not only improve strength, [...]

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Intense Exercise: Reduces Risk of Death in Older Women

dis Intense Exercise: Reduces Risk of Death in Older Women PT Blog   •   December, 2017 A recent study in the Journal Circulation demonstrates a high correlation between intense exercise and reduced death risk.  The study published this fall was conducted on predominately Caucasian females in their early 70s using a walking program. While prior studies have had to rely on self-reports, with the use of ever-evolving technology, the study used a triaxial accelerometer to specifically measure bouts of exercise to ensure compliance with the program's recommended intensity. The accelerometer was able to measure movements in all 3 planes: sagittal, horizontal and transverse ensuring detection of even the smallest movements. [...]

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