Personally, I learned best by doing questions as opposed to passive reading. So for the past few months, I would make my own questions based on topics which seemed salient to me as testable material. So while reviewing journal articles, Cuccurullo (Board Review), PM&R Knowledge Now,, etc, I happened to collect a few hundred questions over time. Initially, this question collection was just for me, but I decided to share it with other residents in my program. The feedback was great in helping us study for SAE exams. So I figured, why not use my web development experience and share this resource nationally. Particularly because there are so few question banks available.
Understandably, the question of validity arises. Yes, the site is young, but each question is linked to an online resource about the topic in question. This allows each user to immediately review the question and read more on the topic.
Current users have commented that the more interactive way of studying was more convenient and promoted a more comprehensive learning experience.

About the Author:

Ashley Theobald, D.P.T. – Ashley was born and raised in a small town in Alabama. She attended the University of South Alabama and was an advanced undergraduate student completing her Bachelor of Science degree in pre-professional health sciences in 2012. She then graduated with her doctorate in physical therapy in 2014. During her first year of PT school she met and married her husband, Ben. They moved to Nashville, TN where she worked for 3 years in an outpatient clinic full time and at Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital PRN. She is now working for ATI Physical Therapy full-time in Greenville, SC. She has been an avid health and fitness fan playing softball growing up, tennis in high school, and completing 2 half-marathons in college. She enjoys traveling overseas and has completed 2 short-term medical mission trips for physical therapy in the Dominican Republic (2013) and Haiti (2015), with intentions of returning yearly.
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